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"Behind consciousness, there is life": the Leontiev-Vygotsky theoretical departure in the network of vygotskian scholars


This article proposes to review some aspects of hagiographic history of the troika Vygotsky-Luria-Leontiev departing from Yasnitsky's definition of stages in Vygotsky's Circle. It features a historical and theoretical study of AN Leontiev in the 1930s, the decade in which a new scientific production system was established in the midst of the Stalinist regime. In this background, the author discusses the departure between Vygotsky and Leontiev presenting theoretical differences concerning the relationship between consciousness and life for both authors. The author concludes the article pointing out the deficit of mediations in Leontiev's Marxism, which is in tune with the official Marxism of the 1930s. My purpose is to criticize the thesis which assess the departure Leontiev-Vigotski as nothing else than an attempt to neutralize the Marxism of Vygotsky.

Activity theory; Leontiev; Criticism of Vygotsky; Materialism; Historical-Cultural psychology

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