Research with the quotidian

This text explores the research "with" the quotidian. It aims to provoke a permanent opening to reflection and debate about the quotidian and the research with the quotidian, instead of closing the subject with a systematic proposal. It uses the studies developed in public schools from the State of Espírito Santo between 1999 and 2004. Their main objective was to provoke, in the school quotidian practitioners, intervention practices on the curriculum and continued formation, assumed as complex processes that interpenetrate the knowledge-doing networks woven and shared by the school subjects. Based on the evidences found, we can infer that the quotidian requires that education researchers bring forth theoretical-methodological possibilities different from those inherited from modernity to overcome the intention to lock the quotidian in pre-established categories and guarantee the impossibility of using the singular to deal with the diversity that manifests itself in life.

Research with the quotidian; Knowledge-doing networks; Curriculum and continued formation

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