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About geometries, curriculum and differences

Alfredo Veiga-Neto About the author

While imprinting a geometrical, reticular, differential and disciplinary order to the knowledge and school practices, curriculum concurred to abstract time and space, as well as to create new connections between both. This has been very important for Modernity, insofar as curriculum occupies the center of the school practices and as school was widely extended to the society. Curriculum put into modern epistemological terms the Greek invention of the frontier as the limit beyond which are the others, beyond which difference begins. Since there is a rupture in the forms by which, nowadays, we signify, represent and use space and time, curriculum may be useful to understand the role of school in the postmodern turn, and to change the course of some politics of difference within this turn.

Curriculum; Modern space and time; Postmodern space and time; Volatility; Michel Foucault

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