Water reuse on HDPE plastics recycling pack industry

The discussion about technical, economical and environmental feasibility of water reuse in industrial process has been a constant concern. This paper purposes a simplified choice for waste water treatment seeking reuse in a plastic recycle industry. The water, in this case, is a prime component because it is the main element for the debris and impurities removal that contaminates the matrix of plastic raw material, which comes, mostly, from landfill and waste disposals. The recycled plastic packages, from the company that had been used for this research, come mostly from domestic use and, in a minor scale, the plastic package contaminated by lubricant oil. The final results show feasible for the treatment through physical-chemical process by coagulation, flocculation, decantation and filtration on geotextile, with the use of aluminum hidroxichloride (PAC) as coagulant, sodium hydroxide as alkaliner, polyelectrolyte as auxiliary on flocculation and slush dehydration, as well as the workability of the effluents reuse under a closed circuit proved itself the technical, economical and environmental feasibility.

water reuse; lubricant oil; HDPE plastics recycle; physical-chemical treatment

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