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Diversity in the classroom and the teacher-student relationship

Altemir José Gonçalves Barbosa Renata Araújo Campos Tássia Azevedo Valentim About the authors

This study aimed to identify teachers' perceptions of the teacher-student relationship, based on the application of an abridged, translated version of the Student-Teacher Relationship Scale, linking their factors to the characteristics of students in respect of the following variables: special educational needs, gender, color / race, grade and age range. Regents teachers (n=21) from six public schools in the city of Juiz de Fora (Brazil) evaluated the relationship they have with all students in their classes, amounting to a total of 495 scales related to students in the 21 rooms targeted, in the first to fifth years of elementary school. It was found that the teacher-student relationship is more confrontational and less positive when it comes to male students and those with special educational needs. There is a more positive relationship with students in the early years of school, which becomes more negative the older the student becomes. Additional research is recommended.

Diversity in the classroom; Psychosocial development; Teacher-student interaction

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