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Rogers and Heidegger: Is a gathering for a new view of the self possible?

Rogers e Heidegger: um encontro possível?

Elza Maria do Socorro DUTRA About the author


The aim of the article is to propose a connection between the construct of self as thought by the psychologist Carl Rogers in his personality theory and the notion of being-here, developed by Martin Heidegger's Existential Analytic. With reference to these authors, we discuss the possibility of a new vision of self from the contributions of the client-centered approach of Eugene Gendlin. Despite the recognition of differences in epistemological and ontological fields in which the authors are located, a rapprochement between self and being-here is considered possible. We expected that the debate on this issue will contribute to the enrichment of Phenomenological Psychology.

Carl Rogers; Humanistic psychology; Martin Heidegger; Phenomenological psychology; Self

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