Internal consistency and factor structure of the adherence scale for alcoholics anonymous

Consistência interna e estrutura fatorial da escala de adesão aos alcoólicos anônimos

The objective of the article was to estimate the internal consistency and factor structure of the Adherence Scale for Alcoholics Anonymous Groups. The scale was applied to 257 alcoholic patients who had been admitted for treatment in 3 hospitals in Porto Alegre, about 6 months earlier. The scale was produced based on an adaptation of the Drug Attitude Inventory Scale. Internal consistency was measured using Cronbach alpha. Data were subjected to a principal component analysis. The coefficient of internal consistency was 0.71. All items showed corrected item-total correlation coefficients above 0.29. Questionnaire items with factor loading of 0.57 or above were considered in the final factor solution. The factor analysis resulted in 2 dimensions which corresponded to 67.01% of the total variance. This scale appears to be a valid instrument for use in a population of alcoholic patients.

Alcoholism; Alcoholics anonymous; Internal consistency; Factor analysis

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