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Anxiety and the use of psychoactive substances among adolescents

This aim of this study was to relate anxiety with psychoactive substances use among adolescents in Maceió, Alagoas, Brazil. It is a cross sectional study with 407 students, aged 14 to 18. Data was collected using a sociodemographic questionnaire; the adolescent anxiety scale; and a questionnaire regarding the consumption of psychoactive substances. The analysis of the relationship between psychoactive substance consumption and anxiety was performed using the chi-square and Fisher's exact tests. Alcohol was the most consumed legal substance, with solvents, the most popular illicit substances. A higher percentage of participants presented moderate levels of anxiety: 28%. The lifetime use of solvents (p=0.037) and energy drinks (p=0.023); cigarette (p=0.043) and alcohol (p=0.007) use in the pervious year; and the frequent use of alcohol (p<0.001) correlated with anxiety. The study evidenced the need to carry out health promotion and drug prevention projects aiming to increase the reflection about lifestyle and anxiety.

Adolescent; Anxiety; Drugs

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