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Pathogenicity evaluation of Cytospora eucalypticola isolated from Eucalyptus spp: cankers in Uruguay

Avaliação da patogenicidade de Cytospora eucalypticola isolado de Eucalyptus spp: no Uruguai

Cytospora eucalypticola has been frequently associated with twig and stem cankers and as endophyte of Eucalyptus globulus and E. grandis in Uruguay. Mycelium discs of two C. eucalypticola isolates obtained from actively growing colonies were inoculated, both superficially and on experimentally wounded stems of E. globulus and E. grandis. No inoculated and control plants have shown any discoloration, gumosis or necrosis nor did they display lesions ten months after inoculation. Callus tissue was formed, partially or wholly occluding the wounds. The ability to penetrate healthy tissues and the inability to produce lesions evidenced that the presence of C. eucalypticola in twig and stem cankers could result from saprotrophic expansion of the endophytic mycelium in dying tissues, cankers probably being produced by different environmental stress conditions.

endophyte; stem wound; inouculation; saprotrophic expansion; environmental stress; endofíto; ferida do caule; inoculação; expansão saprofítica; estresse abiótico

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