Leaf Area Estimate of Erythroxylum simonis Plowman by Linear Dimensions

João Everthon da Silva Ribeiro Ana Jéssica Soares Barbosa Manoel Bandeira de Albuquerque About the authors


This research aimed to determine an equation to estimate the leaf area of Erythroxylum simonis using the length and width of leaf blades. Two hundred leaf blades of this species were collected in Mata do Pau-Ferro, a State Park located in Areia, PB, Brazil. Regression analyses were used to determine the estimation equations. The linear, linear without intercept, quadratic, cubic, power and exponential statistical models were used. The criteria used for model selection were based on an examination of the coefficient of determination, the Akaike information criterion and standard error of the estimate. All the equations presented can be used to estimate the leaf area of E. simonis. From a practical point of view, the linear regression equation without intercept involving the product between length and width is recommended, using the equation Y=0.6426*LW, which corresponds to 64.26% of the product between length and width, with a coefficient of determination of 0.9936.

biometry; non-destructive method; Erythroxylaceae

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