The “FIFA 11+” warm-up programme for preventing injuries in soccer players: a systematic review

Programa de aquecimento FIFA “The 11+” para prevenção de lesões em jogadores de futebol: uma revisão sistemática

Alex de Andrade Fernandes Cristiano Diniz da Silva Israel Teoldo da Costa João Carlos Bouzas Marins About the authors


Soccer is among the sports with the highest injury rate. A group of international experts from the Fédération Internationale de Football Association — FIFA’s Medical Assessment and Research Centre — have developed the “FIFA 11+”, a warm-up programme whose main goal is to reduce the risk of common injuries in both male and female soccer players.


To conduct a literature review in order to check the efficiency of the “FIFA 11 +” warm-up programme in preventing injuries in soccer players.


We conducted a systematic review of studies in the databases MEDLINE/PubMed, SciELO, ScienceDirect and SPORTDiscus, using the following keywords in combination with one another: “injury”, “prevention” and “warm-up”.


Five studies met the inclusion criteria. In four studies, the authors conclude that the “FIFA 11 +” warm-up programme is effective for preventing injuries in soccer players. In one study, this protective effect was not observed.


The analyzed studies indicate that the FIFA 11+ warm-up programme for the prevention of sports injuries show positive signs that the use of the programme may help reduce the incidence of injuries in girls aged 13–17 years. In a male children population the results are inconclusive and further research is needed.

Soccer; Athletes; Athletic injuries; Exercise movement techniques

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