Benefits of lifestyle modification on the metabolic syndrome

INTRODUCTION: The main risk factors for hypertensive and ischemic cardiovascular disease of the metabolic syndrome (MS) can be favorably change by the life style (LS). OBJECTIVE: Evaluate the effect of a lifestyle modification program (LMP) on cardiovascular risk factors of the Metabolic Syndrome (MS). MATERIALS AND METHODS: In this clinical trial, 08 volunteers (05 women) with MS underwent a biweekly nutritional intervention and a physical exercise program, using a treadmill, at 65-75 % of maximum heart rate, during 30 minutes, three times a week. After tree mouths on LPM the data were compared using Student's t-test. RESULTS: There was a dramatic reduction in systolic blood pressure (-7.5%), triglycerides (-6.7%) and high density lipoprotein (-8%). Moreover, there was a reduction in resting double product (-11%) and an increase in physical conditioning expressed by the workload in watts (29%), as well as in the oxygen consumption (24%). CONCLUSION: Until this moment, these results indicate that food habits change, associated to frequently physical exercise can reduce the triglycerides concentration as well as SBD and DP. Besides, since the relevance of the results obtained at the end of the program, we believe that the continuity of the activities proposed by this study can benefit other individuals with MS.

Risk factors; Lifestyle; Food habits; Physical exercise; Metabolic syndrome

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