The scientific evolution of the Brazilian physical therapy in 40 years as a profession

Cristiane de Carvalho Lima Calvalcante Ana Rosa de Sousa Rodrigues Thais Varanda Dadalto Elirez Bezerra da Silva About the authors

INTRODUCTION: On October 13, 1969 the physiotherapy was legitimized throughthe Decree-Law 938 and has been evolving clinical practice with science research. OBJECTIVES: The present study aimed at assessing the scientific evolution of Physiotherapy in Brazil 40 years of occupation. MATERIALS AND METHODS: We searched in electronic databases MEDLINE and Health Virtual Library, SCImago sites, Google Scholar, Capes, CNPq and Inep, with filter for title and keywords in English and Portuguese Physical Therapy, scientific evidence and health. RESULTS: Only 40 years ago it was established that the physiotherapist graduates of schools and courses are recognized top-level professionals. There are 1145 physiotherapists/TO with graduate school and 4,675 with the masters course. This represents 4% and 11% respectively, strictly speaking professionals from the health field. Within the health professions, physiotherapy occupies the penultimate position in number of doctors. The Brazilian scientific production in Physiotherapy from the world stands, according to the ranking SCImago 1996 to 2008, the 11th in the total number of documents produced and the 30th place in the index H. Among Latin American countries, occupies the first place on most items. CONCLUSION: There is still much to do in order to increase the number of researchers, with the creation of other graduate studies program.

Science; Formation; Education; Physiotherapy

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