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Sports injuries in soccer according to tactical position: a retrospective survey

Lesões desportivas no futebol segundo posicionamento tático de jogo: análise por inquérito retrospectivo

Giuliano Moreto Onaka Jair José Gaspar-Jr Dayana das Graças Fernando Sérgio Silva Barbosa Paula Felippe Martinez Silvio Assis de Oliveira-Junior About the authors



In soccer, the players’ positions have been associated with specific functional overload, which may cause sports injuries.


To investigate the occurrence and characterize sport injuries according to soccer player position.


232 male soccer players (129 professionals and 103 amateurs) from different sport teams in Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil, were distributed in groups according to their soccer player position. Besides anthropometric characteristics, sports injuries were registered by using a referred morbidity survey. The occurrence of injuries was analyzed by means of the Goodman Test. Logistic regression models were used to investigate the relationship between different risk factors and the occurrence/-recurrence of sports injuries.


Forwards showed higher occurrence rates of sport injuries than other soccer position groups. Joint injuries in lower limbs constituted the most frequent registered cases. Muscle injuries in the back region were the most registered sports injuries among midfielders, while muscle damages in lower limbs were the primary injuries registered for other line positions. In the etiologic context, contact was the main cause of sports injuries in all groups. Most athletes (195) reported recurrence of sports injuries.


The occurrence of sports injuries was higher among forwards. Traumatic joint and muscle injuries were the most prevalent registers in all line positions.

Epidemiology; Risk Factors; Sport; Physical Therapy

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