Physical responses of pre-term newborn babies submitted to the Kangaroo-Mother Care Method in Prone position

Maiara Dantas Olmedo Giselle dos Santos Gabas Leila Simone Foerster Merey Ligia Stein de Souza Karla de Toledo Candido Muller Mara Lisiane de Moraes dos Santos Cassia Fernandes Marques About the authors

The Ministry of Health recommends and looks forward to the Humanized Attention of low weight newborn babies using the Kangaroo-Mother Care Method (MCM) in Unified Health System units. The aim of this work was to evaluate and compare the physiological responses between the MMC and the Prone Position (PP) in pre-term newborn babies (PNB). Intervention study, realized between September and October of 2009, was performed. It was formed by 20 PNB, both sexes, with gestational ages between 24 to 36 weeks, hemodynamic stable, classified as group I (MCM) and group II (PP). The following variables were considered: heart frequency (HF), breathing frequency (BF), periphery saturation of oxygen (SatO2), and body temperature (T). All measurements were realized for three consecutive days, before and 60 min after applying the procedures. On the PP group, the HF checked before was meaningfully higher than the one checked after the procedure, on the first and third days (p<0.0001; p<0.006). On the MCM, the HF presented meaningful difference only on the third day (p<0.006). The HF presented meaningful reduction between the moments of the third day, on the groups PP (p<0.02) and MCM (p<0.04). On the PP group, the variable SatO2 presented meaningful raise on the first (p<0.02) and third day (p<0.02) between the moments of the data collects, and on the third day of the MCM (p<0.04). No changes were observed on the BF, HF, T and SatO2with the application of the MCM and PP, and there were no different results between the groups. We noticed decreasing on the BF after application of the MMC and PP on occasional moments and increasing of SatO2on the third day after the MMC.

infant, premature; prone position; Kangaroo-Mother Care Method

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