Effects of active videogame-based intervention on self-concept, balance, motor performance and adaptive success of children with cerebral palsy: preliminary study

Joice Luiza Bruno Arnoni Bruna Nayara Verdério Andressa Miliana Alves Pinto Nelci Adriana Cicuto Ferreira Rocha About the authors


Children with cerebral palsy (CP) commonly perceive themselves different from their typical peers due to their neuromotor condition, affecting their motivations and activity performance. Virtual reality (VR) seems to be an effective tool to improve motivation and motor performance in rehabilitation. The aim of this study was to verify the effects of VR-based intervention by means of active videogame on self-concept, balance, motor performance and adaptive success in children with CP. Eight children with CP, 10.37 years (±3,29), levels I and II of Gross Motor Function Classification System were submitted to a VR-based intervention, twice a week with sessions of 45 minutes during 8 weeks. The games used in intervention addressed balance, motor coordination, jumps, squats and lateral displacement of the body. Self-concept was tested using Childhood Scale of Self-concept Piers-Harris, balance using Motor Development Scale (MDS) (motor quotient 3), motor performance using MDS (general motor quotient). The games scores were used to test adaptive success on virtual environment. We found significant differences after intervention for all the testes areas. For self-concept scale, the differences appeared in the domains: Anxiety, Intellectual, Popularity, Physical Appearance, Satisfaction and Happiness. It seems that VR-based intervention might interfere with the way children with CP perceive themselves, apart from improve their balance, motor performance and adaptive success. Thus VR-based intervention is a potential tool to assist rehabilitation professionals to improve these aspects of children’s health condition.

Virtual Reality; Cerebral Palsy

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