Correlation between average number of steps per day and the six-minute walk test in asymptomatic adults and elderly

Mariana Agnes da Silva Alves Flávia Regina Bueno Lays Ikumi Hirose Haraguchi Fernanda Rocha Corrêa Victor Zuniga Dourado

The objective of this study was to evaluate the correlations between the habitual physical activity levels (HPAL) measured by accelerometry, the distance walked during the 6-minute walk test (6MWD) and the score obtained from a HPAL questionnaire. Thirty-three adults (23 women, 64±7 years old) were evaluated. Participants answered the International Physical Activity Questionnaire (IPAQ) and underwent two 6MWT. The average number of steps per day (SPD) for five days was examined by an uniaxial accelerometer. Correlations between the studied variables were evaluated and two multiple regression models were developed to compare the influence of the variables in the SPD. In the first model, the 6MWD and the total IPAQ store as were considered as independent variables. In the second model, the 6MWD and demographic and anthropometric variables were included (for example, age, height, weight and gender).The SPD had a significant relationship (p<0.05) with 6MWD (r=0.51) and the total IPAQ score (r=0.47). After regression analysis, only 6MWD was selected as a determinant of 26.5% of the total variability of SPD. We can conclude that the 6MWT was only moderately correlated with the HPAL. However, in relation to gender, 6MWD was able to explain 36.6% of the total variability of SPD.

walking; exercise; adult; aged

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