Obesity among older people of the City of São Carlos, SP, Brazil, and its association with diabetes mellitus and joint pain

Thaís Rabiatti Aurichio José Rubens Rebelatto Alessandra Paiva de Castro About the authors

The aim of this study was to assess prevalence of obesity and its association with diabetes mellitus (DM) and joint pain among elderly dwellers in the city of São Carlos, SP, Brazil. A total of 399 aged people - 227 women (mean age 69.6±6.8) and 172 men (mean age 69.4±6.7) - were assessed as to body mass index (BMI) and were questioned whether they had diabetes and joint pain. Data were statistically analysed. Results showed that 73.6% of the women and 66.9% of the men were overweight or obese; BMI values were higher in subjects aged under 75. Among women, associations were found between the obese condition, presence of diabetes, and foot, ankle and knee pain. In the male group, the obese condition presented association only with presence of diabetes. An association was hence found between obesity and DM. Prevalence of obesity was greater in elderly women, who also presented association between joint pain and high BMI values.

Aged; Arthralgia; Diabetes mellitus; Obesity

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