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Influence of the malleolar marker position on postural parameters in the sagittal plane


Photogrammetry is a postural evaluation method that provides information based on the reference of anatomical markers. In the sagittal plane, one of the main evaluations is related to the plumb line; however, the literature shows divergences regarding the placement of the malleolar reference marker. Some argue that it must be placed exactly on the center of the lateral malleolus, while others defend placing it slightly in front of the lateral malleolus. This study aimed to identify whether the modification of the position of the malleolar marker affects the results of the procedure. This is a cross-sectional analytical observational study, with comparative intrasubject design. Forty-four healthy subjects (25 women and 19 men; 27±6 years old; 170±11 cm; 71±15 kg) were evaluated using protocol and software DIPA© for investigation of the variables (plumb line test and pelvic version) in the sagittal plane, with the malleolar marker in two positions: (1) in the center of the lateral malleolus and (2) in front of the lateral malleolus. The analysis was carried out according to descriptive (frequency distribution, mean and standard deviation) and inferential (Shapiro-Wilk test, dependent Student’s t-test, and Wilcoxon test, α=0.05) statistical methods. For both variables, the malleolar marker position presented statistically significant difference (p<0.05) only on the scalar value, not significantly affecting the posture classification. The results suggest that the vertical reference point for photogrammetry, based on the malleolar marker, can be chosen by the evaluator.

Photogrammetry/methods; Posture; Men; Women

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