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Experiences of parenthood as generating factors of suffering in women

During the work accomplished through an Extension Project in Mental Health in the Great Florianópolis, it was noticed that the suffering report of the participant women was mainly related to their experiences of motherhood and fatherhood. Considering this, a research was developed, which aimed to understand the ways their parenthood experiences were becoming generating factors of suffering in those women. To achieve that, five individual interviews and a focal group took place. The data collected was discussed through four analysis categories, in which it was highlighted that their suffering was mainly due to the experiences of parenthood from traditional models of gender, characterized for the main place of the mother, to the differences in the responsibility for the children education assumed by men and women, to the children’s age and, finally, to the experiences of uncertainties that not always can be mediated in their everyday life.

motherhood; fatherhood; women; parenthood; suffering

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