"The way that makes it easy is the same that makes it difficult": stigma and health care in HIV-Aids in family health strategy - FHS

This study aimed to analyze health care in HIV-AIDS in Family Health Strategy - FHS, considering the dynamics of stigma associated to Aids, from the perspective of health care professional. The study was carried out with two FHS teams that are part of a health care unit in Porto Alegre-RS. Interviews with physicians, nurses and nursing technicians were carried out, as well as a focal group with Health Community Agents. Analysis was based in three foci: perceptions of professional about stigma related to Aids; participation of professional in the secrecy/concealment/unveiling dynamics of diagnosis; participation of professional concerning (re)production of stigma. Results highlighted the need to consider the stigma dynamics regarding planning in health care actions and services, aiming to facilitate access to diagnosis and treatment, construction of bonds and confidence among users and professionals.

Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome; Family Health Strategy; stigma; professional practices; prevention; health care

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