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"Now my pleasure is risk": senses about sexuality among young members of a health group

João Paulo Pereira Barros Veriana de Fátima Rodrigues Colaço About the authors

Sexuality assumed the centrality of subjective condition by crossing various paths of modernity, as the legitimization of knowledge-true science, affirmation of individuality and the institutionalization of children and youth segments. From this premise, this article analyzes meanings produced by young people about "sexuality" in a discussion group about health, based on a research-intervention observations operationalized by-participants and training workshops on health, in a public school in Fortaleza. About the meanings of "sexuality", the joints between "sexuality" and "risk" stood out in relation to the connections between "sexuality" and "pleasure". This suggests the strength of a bias based on educational scientia sexualis alluded to by Michael Foucault, operating with a normative-prescriptive view of sexuality, reiterating it by the sign of "prevention" as a technology of government. Using tools like the concept of biopolitics, pointing out that such issues relate to the installation of a paradigm of "risk management" nowadays.

sexuality; youths; risk

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