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Aportes teórico-metodológicos para o estudo de redes transnacionais de líderes pentecostais e carismáticos

The present article aims to provide theoretical and methodological basis to the concept of network applied to the study of Pentecostalism. Therefore, I will describe synthetically the research methods associated to network studies and their recent developments. In a first moment, along the 50' and the 60', it was unfolded an empirical approach based on description and analysis of observable relations on a limited territory. Currently, dialogues with History of Science, Philosophy and Geography allow us to rethink networks in a wide-range scope, as a privileged locus in which we can study syncretism and new forms of territoriality. The analysis of transnational religious processes at Southern Latin America could be improved by the theoretical anchorage offered by these discussions.

Latin America; networks; Pentecostalism; transnationalization

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