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De sujeitos e objetos: um ensaio crítico de antropologia da técnica e da tecnologia

Studies on technical phenomena usually focus on actions and logics of production of objects through systemic approaches and from the dichotomy Man/Nature. Thus, the analysis led to the construction of worlds ontologically distinct: the sociocultural world, on the one hand, and the material world on the other hand. Thus, when it refers to Man, the analyses talk about society, symbolic system, etc., while, when it refers to Nature, aspects such as physics, chemistry etc., are put forward. Critically analyzing this paradigm, this article seeks to highlight its heuristic limits. An outline of an analytical alternative will be presented, which is based on a processual approach that understands the techniques from logics and practices of use. This approach search to overcome methodologically the dichotomy Man/Nature by addressing the elements that constitute the cosmos, which depending on circumstances, is found on the position of subject of action or object of action.

anthropology of technique and of technology; Guarani indians; material culture; nature

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