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Mexican-American ethnic policies in Houston and newcomers


Although the concept “ethnopolitics” has been applied to ethno-political minority groups or with a different socio-historical origin from the hegemonic nationalism, in this article I try to set the general parameters the Mexico Americans’ ethnopolicy in southeast Houston for a recent time: 2010-2011. The corollary of this policy some of ethno-national minorities influence the ways of “welcoming”, teaching and disciplining the new immigrants to this texan town. Ethnography, an optimal scientific instrument focused on small urban communities and multiculturalism, shows a very different reality regarding appearance and speech broadcasted by those ethno-political organizations. In my findings, I stablish the structural links between the Mexican American ethnopolicies and U.S. nationalist ideology and its “multicultural” nation’s draft.

citizenship; ethnic minorities; international migration; subjectivation

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