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Reflexões de uma antropóloga "andarina" sobre a etnografia numa comunidade de mineiros de carvão

Anchored in my experiences of field in the community of coal mining of Minas do Leão city (RS) - and also in the French Lorena -, I analyze in this article the dimension of the subjectivity of the researcher, considering the studies of Devereux (1980) on "specific comments" that ethnographer and natives are operated between and the mutual disturbances derivatives of this, that they send the specific knowledge on the interaction. The reflections consider my condition of gender, of to be a woman investigating a masculine universe, and still strengthen in differents dimensions of my trajectory and the echoes that these identities excite between my interlocutors. Adopting the notion of "to be affected" (être afecté ) proposal for Favret-Saada (1990), I still explore insights excited by dreams in differents contexts of the research, revealers of new aspects concerning the ethnography experience.

coal miners; ethnography; mutual observation; subjectivity

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