Potassium sources on yield, mineral nutrition and chemical composition of caigua plants

There is little technical background on nutritional behavior of caigua plants (Cyclanthera pedata) to guide fertilizers recommendations. Therefore, this research was carried out aiming to assess the potassium sources management upon the yields, nutrient contents and nutritional value of caigua fruits. The experiment was arranged in the randomized blocks design, in factorial scheme 2x3+1, with four replications. Two application managements were evaluated (total dose at sowing and splitting) and three potassium sources (potassium chloride, ash from eucalyptus and granite rock dust), plus control treatment (without potassium fertilization). The spacing used was 2x1 m and each plot consisted of four plants, using two central plants for analyzing. The application of 60 kg ha-1 of ash from eucalyptus and granite rock dust in total dose at plantation were similar to potassium chloride, in terms of yield, nutrient contents and nutritional value of caigua fruits.

Cyclanthera pedata; potassium chloride; ash from eucalyptus; granite rock dust; marketable fruits

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