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Cuttings of Lippia alba with emphasis on time for seedling formation, substrates and plant growth regulators

Estaquia de erva cidreira com ênfase no tempo para formação das mudas, substratos e enraizadores

We aimed to establish the period of time required for seedlings formation, as well as to evaluate the effect of substrates and plant growth regulators in cuttings of L. alba. Three experiments were performed, with statistical designs chosen according to each test objectives. Rooting (%), shoot height (cm), longest root length (cm), leaves number, fresh and dry matter masses (g), were analyzed. The absolute rate of shoot and root system growth, together with the relationship between dry mass of roots and shoots were efficient in predicting the period of greatest speed and accumulation of organic matter in plants. The plant growth regulators favored the vegetative performance of seedlings, with better development 30 days after the cuttings containing mineral fertilizers, vermicompost, clay soil and sand commercially known as 'medium sand'.

Lippia alba; propagation; IBA; rooting.

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