The Museu da Saúde in Portugal: a physical space, a virtual space

Inês Cavadas de Oliveira Helena Rebelo de Andrade José Pereira Miguel About the authors


Museu da Saúde (Museum of Health) in Portugal, based on the dual concept of a multifaceted physical space and a virtual space, is preparing an inventory of its archive. So far, it has studied five of its collections in greater depth: tuberculosis, urology, psychology, medicine, and malaria. In this article, these collections are presented, and the specificities of developing museological activities within a national laboratory, Instituto Nacional de Saúde Doutor Ricardo Jorge, are also discussed, highlighting the issues of the store rooms and exhibition spaces, the inventory process, and the communication activities, with a view to overcoming the challenges inherent to operating in a non-museological space.

educational action; collection; museological inventory; communication; Portugal

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