Silva Coutinho: his career and his contributions to the geological collections of the Museu Nacional in Rio de Janeiro

Marina Jardim e Silva Antonio Carlos Sequeira Fernandes Vera Maria Medina da Fonseca About the authors

The career of João Martins da Silva Coutinho is linked to the history of the Museu Nacional in Rio de Janeiro to whose collections (especially geological) he contributed scientific information and material. On the Brazilian scientific stage, Silva Coutinho took part in major exploratory commissions in the latter half of the nineteenth century, mainly in the Amazon and in the Northeast. He collected and sent samples to the Museu Nacional for analysis, establishing deep ties with the institution and its staff. The article presents his contributions through an analysis of these documents and an examination of the geological collections that he sent to the institution and that remain part of its holdings.

João Martins da Silva Coutinho (1830-1889); Museu Nacional (Rio de Janeiro); scientific collections; geology; Brazil

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