Casa Siloé: the history of an NGO for children with HIV/AIDS

Maria de Fatima de Oliveira Andrade Maria Cezira Fantini Nogueira Martins Cláudia Maria Bógus About the authors

Casa Siloé (Siloam House) is a Catholic support house that shelters children with human immunodeficiency virus or acquired immunodeficiency syndrome. The article presents a history of the institution and discusses its work. A qualitative approach was used, relying on oral history techniques and documental analysis. Eight key informants were interviewed: the president of the institution, two coordinators who worked at the home, a member of the supporting foundation, a volunteer social worker, a member of the state NGO/AIDS forum, a physician, and a psychologist from the state public service. Topics addressed include the Catholic Church and AIDS, community mobilization, the Casa Siloé, the State and civil society, and project evaluation and outlook.

support houses; AIDS; Casa Siloé; nongovernmental organizations; community participation; Brazil

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