Exclusion and criminality in the kingdom of Castile: the jew in the Siete Partidas (Seven-Part Code) of Alfonso X

Sergio Alberto Feldman About the author

The Jewish presence in the Medieval Iberian World was limited by the general normative rules that Western Christianity had defined for these followers of the Law of Moses, and was supplemented by the specific local legislation. The purpose of this study is to examine the Siete Partidas (Seven-Part Code) from the general Christian legislation and also from the scope of the medieval Hispanic world. This choice was formulated from the concept that in the core of this Code there is a confluence of theological-judicial concepts about the Jews, that had originated from the end of Antiquity, in the period of the Lower Empire and in the primordial times of the Middle Ages, hand in hand with the new concepts about Jews originating from the core of Western Christianity in the period of European expansion beginning from the year one thousand.

Jews; Siete Partidas; Alfonso X; Castile; Exclusion

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