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Florianópolis 1889/1930: strategies for simultaneous production of hegemonic and subordinate masculinities

The text describes and analyzes the strategies of simultaneous production of hegemonic and subordinate masculinities published in news media Florianópolis between the years 1889 to 1930. In articles published in newspapers of the capital can see the positive construction of representations of masculinity involving white men, young and virile, noting a code of civility that passed requiring greater care with body and self-control. Satisfying this model was socially valued the assurance that the man play and the responsibilities expected of him, as to provide the family, produce healthy offspring, be industrious, to fulfill their contracts and be a good citizen. Pivotally to the field of gender policies, the articles sought to embarrass the women in the private space, reserving to men the public sphere. The exaltation of prestige attributes of masculinity simultaneously produces a representation of what is undesirable in the attitudes of a man, especially in public spaces. From the 1910s, one can show more precisely the disclosure of a series of practices and representations aimed at curbing male behavior that ceased to be tolerated in public places in the city. Among such behavior was the practice of drunkenness and the use of violence as a means of solving interpersonal conflicts. In that context, it moved to require the men who went around the city some predictability in their attitudes, associated with the use of reason as opposed to violent and impulsive ways of men of lower class or rural environment. In the evaluation of the managers of the city, the emergence of progress was hampered by a series of cultural practices rooted in the population. Therefore, it was not enough simply to transform the urban space, it was also necessary to invest in the bodies of the inhabitants of the capital of Santa Catarina. The male behavior began to be targeted by a series of interference to adjust them to the new urban and social reality that sought to implement.

Florianópolis; Masculinities; Journals; Public Sphere

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