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Ferns and lycophytes from a remaining swamp forest in the interior of the State of São Paulo, Brazil


The present study aimed to inventory the ferns and lycophytes in a remnant of swamp forest in the municipality of Dois Córregos, São Paulo State, Brazil, and provide data about the guilds of life forms, geographic distribution, a key to identification of species and comments about the taxa. Fifty-four taxa were found in the area, including 51 species, one variety, one subspecies, and a putative hybrid. The most representative genera were Amauropelta, Meniscium, and Pleopeltis. Terrestrial and neotropical species were the most representatives with 75.9% and 44.4%, respectively. Swamp forests also have a greater diversity when compared to semideciduous seasonal forests in the interior of the State probably due to the availability of water throughout the year. Thereby, these fragments are important to the conservation of ferns and lycophytes in the interior of São Paulo State and they must be preserved.

Atlantic forest; Biodiversity; Ferns; Flora; Lycophyta

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