Floristic survey from an Atlantic Forest remnant on the northern coast of Bahia State, Brazil

Maria Alves Rodrigo Bruno Oliveira Suzane Rocha Teixeira Maria Lenise Silva Guedes Nádia Roque About the authors


The Atlantic Forest in the Northeastern Brazil is composed by several physiognomies, with about 46% of its remnants located in the State of Bahia. However, floristic inventories conducted in the Atlantic Forest in the State are mostly focused in areas on the southern coast and vegetation dunes on the northern coast. Thus, this study aimed at a floristic survey of a semideciduous forest remnant located at the Fazenda Regional de Criação/UFBA, Entre Rios municipality, on the northern coast of the State. We recorded 192 species belonging to 139 genera and 59 were families. The presence of two new species, one rare species, four species restricted to this region, and two cited as vulnerable reinforce the importance of inventories in the Atlantic Forest remnants in the northern coast of Bahia, since they present high species richness and have physiognomic features not found in other areas of the Atlantic domain.

Atlantic Forest; Checklist of Angiosperms; Entre Rios; Semideciduous Forest

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