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Consultation office of/in the street: challenge for a healthcare in verse

This paper discusses healthcare practices relating to consultation offices in the street, which are a service delineated within the Brazilian National Health System that is directed towards caring for people living on the streets. The intention was to pose questions regarding healthcare and reception strategies, along with the guidelines or values of this work. These are often discordant with each other, like the programmed actions of tracking and moral authority over people living on the streets and the disruptive actions of the urban model for healthy and safe cities, in relation to strong inclusion of people who, for various reasons, live in such situation. Field diaries written by workers at one these consultation offices, located in Porto Alegre, Brazil, comprise an analysis resource. In these workers’ day-to-day routine, they pass through the streets and health and intersectoral networks with all their difficulties and strengths.

Consultation office in the street; Psychosocial care network; Primary care network; Street dwellers

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