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Production and reception of Qorpo-Santo's writings: indicating changes in the relationships between art and madness

José Joaquim de Campos Leão de Qorpo-Santo wrote and printed his Ensiqlopédia or Seis mezes de huma enfermidade (Encyclopedia or Six months of a disease) between the 1860s and 1870s and was rediscovered in the 1960s. The reception of his writings in artistic and intellectual circles and the critique they received was transformed over the course of more than a century. Every time that Qorpo-Santo makes an appearance in Brazil's cultural world, new configurations of the relationships between art, clinical practice, madness, precariousness and incompleteness can be perceived. In this paper, we follow Qorpo-Santo's struggle to inscribe his creation in cultural circles, have it published, leave it for posterity and seek interlocutors; and finally, the trajectory of his work from the time when it was produced to the time when it reached its destination, the reader.

Art; Madness; Mental health; Creative process; Occupational therapy

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