Memory training for the elderly: a health promotion strategy

Maria Helena Morgani de Almeida Maria Lucia Martuscelli Beger Helena Akemi Wada Watanabe About the authors

Given the importance of memory for the performance of day-to-day activities and since many elderly people complain about their memory, the authors proposed a memory training workshop to promote health among this audience. The workshop was offered in 2004 to elderly people who were interviewed and submitted to the "Mini-Evaluation of Mental State". The workshop took place over ten sessions and taught strategies for improving memory performance. Results were based on 45 participants who were evaluated after the workshop as well, which enabled a comparison of results. As a results evaluation parameter, the authors used a reduction in complaints about their memory, as described by the participating elderly at the end of the workshop project. This also enabled these participants to identify their true difficulties and to incorporate new knowledge concerning the memory.

Elderly; Memory; Memory training; Health promotion

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