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The research process as a space and an empowerment process

Maria Elisabeth Kleba Águeda Lenita Pereira Wendhausen About the authors

Considering research as a component of emancipation, this report presents an experience in which the players become authors. Based on a study that included teachers and students of various subject areas and training levels, and with the aim of evaluating empowerment and its impact on administrative boards in two municipalities in the State of Santa Catarina, Brazil, we analyzed the experience of conducting research as an empowerment process. The topic selected and the use of constructivist methodologies enabled the research team to experience the capacity to make decisions and share responsibilities; exchange of resources and acquisition of new skills; openness to communication and respect for differences; and a sense of belonging and personal fulfillment. This led, on the one hand, to greater involvement and appropriation of the research process by those involved, and on the other, it promoted closeness between the project authors and the subjects involved in the research.

Research; Power; Triangulation of methods

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