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Parangolés: inspiration to dance in the territory

Marina Souza Lobo Guzzo Flavia Liberman Nice Gonçalvez Lenita Maria Tonon Viviane Santalucia Maximino Conrado Augusto Gandara Federici About the authors

Some artists and their works motivate inventive processes. Hélio Oiticica, a revolutionary artist, inspired the realization and photographic record of the project Parangolés: inspirations to dance in the territory. This project developed in the city of Santos, in the Northwest Zone, in the year 2016, had the participation of professors and students from different undergraduate courses in the health area and a group of women who lived in a vulnerable region and wished to promote artistic and cultural experiences. Moving from one territory to another, the participants had the opportunity to dance and experience the spontaneous and creative power of their bodies in a landscape made up of sand and sea. Wearing clothes with the shapes of parangolés and with the ethnic and esthetic delicacy which guides our care actions, we affirm the importance of art in health training and care, understood as the production of life, as an intervention of oneself and worlds, as a collective dance in territories.

Dancing; Art; Photography; Women; Vulnerability

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