Health Impact Assessment (HIA) in Brazil and Latin America: an essential tool for projects, plans and policies

Karina Camasmie Abe Simone Georges El Khouri Miraglia About the authors

The paper presents a literature review of the application of the Health Impact Assessment (HIA) methodology, disseminated by the World Health Organization in Brazil and Latin America. This study showed that the practice and application of the HIA is not common in Brazil or Latin America, as well as the analysis of health impacts is carried out in a superficial way regarding environmental licensing and public policies, indicating the need of the use of specific health impact assessment methodologies, professional training and government initiative. The adoption of HIA in Brazil could serve to avoid adverse health effects and could enhance the positive aspects, as well as to mitigate the negative aspects of projects and public policies, ensuring that people’s health is not neglected.

Health impact assessment; Public health; Brazilian National Health System; Health management; Brazil

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