Mobilizing students in the Brazilian National Health System (SUS) defense: interprofessional experiences of VER-SUS - Sobral, CE, Brasil

Vitória Ferreira do Amaral Ana Suelen Pedroza Cavalcante Quitéria Larissa Teodoro Farias Marcos Aguiar Ribeiro David Gomes Araújo Júnior Diógenes Farias Gomes About the authors


This is an account of the experiences of VER-SUS project from 2012 to 2016 in the interprofessional education process of health academics and others in the city of Sobral, CE, Brazil. The analytical axes included: social and historical construction of VER-SUS, and interprofessional experience at VER-SUS. Six editions of the project were held during this period. Through conversation circles, interprofessional development workshops and feedback from immersions into the territories and health services, they enabled a dialogical and horizontal education in SUS’ reality. Therefore, VER-SUS/Sobral proved to be a powerful strategy, since it encourages interprofessionalism and development of health work expertise between undergraduate students and the service. In order to do so, these experiences provided dialogic spaces for knowledge (re)construction.

Brazilian National Health System; Higher education; Interprofessional relationships

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