Non-Governmental Organizations for Tuberculosis in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: reasons and interests in the first decade of century XXI

Vivian Albuquerque Abreu dos Santos Fabiana Barbosa Assumpção de Souza Fátima Teresinha Scarparo Cunha About the authors

This study is a qualitative research carried out with representatives of a Nongovernmental Forum of Tuberculosis (Forum TB) in Rio de Janeiro. It is aimed to understand their motivations to affiliate to the Forum. Discourse Analysis was used as a method by the possibilities of understanding the production of meanings. The risk of illness/death by TB won magnitude with co-infection HIV/aids - TB, generating cooperative actions between State and society to address the need of reducing the risks of infection by tuberculosis. The emergence of AIDS epidemic in Brazil between 1980 and 1990, involved segments of the society that are markedly different from those that are nowadays mobilized against TB. There are still tensions about what these groups pretend and what is defended. Further studies are needed to understand the participation of civil society groups against TB.

Tuberculosis; Non-Governmental Organizations; Social participation

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