An inter-disciplinary experiment with health professionals carried out by psychoanalysts

This paper describes an accomplishing experiment by five groups of interdisciplinary reflection, formed by health professionals, under the coordination of two psychoanalysts. The themes discussed are basically centered on the patient-professional relationship, placing emphasis on subjective aspects. The discussions, most of the time, were a reflection on clinical situations governed by theoretical conceptions. The link of the health professional with their patients, considered to be an important therapeutic element, to the extent that it involves elements of affection, was the subject of a psychoanalytical study that brings its specific contribution to the understanding of intersubjectivity. The variety of different professional categories guided the choice of participants and revealed itself to be an important change factor and mutual recognition, thereby providing evidence of the need for dialogue with different forms of human knowledge. The group meetings, besides favoring the exchange of different approaches, allowed for the identification of many aspects in common, as well as providing an atmosphere of welcome, where the professionals could expose their difficulties while at the same time feel themselves supported.

Professional-patient relations; care; interdisciplinarity; intersubjectivity; psychoanalytic therapy

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