The research group as a learning scenario in/on Interprofessional Education: focus on narratives

Rosana Aparecida Salvador Rossit Carlos Francisco dos Santos Junior Nara Maria Holanda de Medeiros Lucilene Martorelli Ortiz Petin Medeiros Cristiano Gil Regis Sylvia Helena Souza da Silva Batista About the authors

This study aimed to analyse the contribution of groups as a space of study, research and development of competencies in/on Interprofessional Education. It has nuances of the case study and was based on the qualitative approach. Fourteen narratives led to the field of experiences and representations, which is the object of understanding, analysis and interpretation of this research. Three categories emerged from the thematic analysis: motivations, which express search, admission, and permanence movements; the group as a shared learning and collaborative practice space, with intersubjective, personal, and institutional dimensions; and the group as a process of permanent consolidation and reconstruction, with challenges in building knowledge, forming groups, and publicizing. The group is characterized as a privileged locus for knowledge sharing and production, as well as for the construction of learning.

Interprofessional education; Collaborative practice; Interprofessional relations; Cooperative behavior

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