Professional trajectory of medical course alumni from from Campinas University, São Paulo, Brazil: graduates’ point of view in evaluating the course

Maria Helena Senger Maria Celeste Gonçalves Campos Maria de Fátima Corrêa Pimenta Servidoni Silvia Maria Riceto Ronchim Passeri Paulo Eduardo Neves Ferreira Velho Ivan Felizardo Contrera Toro Angélica Maria Bicudo Eliana Martorano Amaral About the authors

The School of Medical Sciences of UNICAMP implemented a new curriculum in 2001, predating the national guidelines. This study analyzed the professional trajectory and the new curriculum’s impact. Graduates from 1991 to 2005 were grouped in the pre-curricular renovation group, and those from 2006 to 2012 in the post-group. A semi-structured survey was sent through e-mail and social media. There were 213 (15.8%) answers from pre-renovation group and 126 (16.1%) from post. Data showed low geographic dispersion of alumni, 2.4 work posts per physician, residency as a necessary complementation, suggestions for curricular inclusion of management issues and higher frequency of preparatory courses for residency in post-renovation group. There are signs of better integration between basic and clinical areas after the reform. Alumni showed positive perceptions regarding their undergraduate course. The study contributes to the implementation of systematic follow-up of graduates.

Medical education; Curriculum; Evaluation

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