Constructing knowledge in mental health work: experiences of health education

Roberta Pereira Furtado da Rosa Ana Lúcia Freitas de Andrade Sheila Prado de Oliveira Arthur Gomes Leite da Silva Arthur Marilac Ferreira Juliana de Sousa Inácio Sandra Maria dos Santos da Silva Araújo About the authors

This is an experience report of the students and preceptors of a PET-Health Network from their joint actions in a health unit. The report highlights the development of teamwork and the importance of the sum of different visions and partnerships essential for the effectiveness of the project. We intend to demonstrate how participation in this PET influenced the students involved and the education of professionals. This study raises questions about interdisciplinary work and its impact on the integration of different knowledge with common goals. The discussion is based on the theme “unmedicalization of life,” where professionals of Occupational Therapy, Pharmacy, and Psychology perform services in the mental health field, presenting difficulties, strategies, and successful experiences in the work process, thus enabling reflection and discussion together on the ongoing construction of health-related knowledge.

PET-Health Networks; Mental Health; Unmedicalization of life; Formation in health; Interdisciplinarity

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