"Good evening, good morning HUAP!", an experience of humanization within training for healthcare professionals

Pedro Gemal Lanzieri Lenita Barreto Lorena Claro Fernando Cesar Ranzeiro de Bragança Vera Regina dos Santos Montezano Célia Sequeiros da Silva About the authors

"Good evening, Good morning HUAP!" is an extension project at Universidade Federal Fluminense in which the aim is to contribute towards humanizing training within healthcare through facilitating integration between students on different courses, acquisition of communication skills and capacity to care for and cope better with feelings and emotions. This will contribute towards recovery and better quality of hospital stay among patients at the Antônio Pedro University Hospital. Three interventions are made in the wards every week and, on these occasions, the participants are encouraged to interact with the clientele through dialogue and creative play activities. This study evaluated the contribution of the project towards the students' training, by analyzing the meanings that they ascribe to this experience. The reports showed that, despite the initial difficulties in dealing with feelings and emotions, the activities provided the students with experiences that they considered to be rewarding and important for their training.

Humanization; Human resources development; Healthcare; Extension

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