Therapeutic design in Mental Health: practices and procedures in dimensions constituents of psychosocial care

Mardênia Gomes Ferreira Vasconcelos Maria Salete Bessa Jorge Ana Maria Fontenelle Catrib Indara Cavalcante Bezerra Túlio Batista Franco About the authors

The study seeks to understand the psychosocial care, having as analyzer the users therapeutic project. It is a qualitative research, based on the hermeneutics approach. The narratives contextualize a scenario characterized by the epistemological and technical dimensions of the psychosocial care. The therapeutic project loses its wide conception as a dynamic process. Instead it is recognized as a set of fragmented pieces of work due to the specialization. Through the research process, it was observed a movement of reflection of the specialists that had as a starting point the complex environment of the therapeutic projects, opening ways that aim to reformulate the team´s actions in an interdisciplinary fashion. The lack of discussions reviewing the centrality of the users and the family in the construction of the therapeutic project was evident in the findings, revealing the weakness of psychosocial care actions in dimensions considering the participation and construction of citizenship.

Therapeutic project; Mental Health; Psychosocial attention

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