Look, look again and look beyond: lightning the interdisciplinarity training with Collective Health educators

Mússio Pirajá Mattos Daiene Rosa Gomes Samara Nagla Chaves Trindade Maiara Macêdo Silva Raquel Baroni de Carvalho Elizabete Regina Araújo de Oliveira About the authors

The objective of this article is to report on the experience of using active learning methodologies in the process of interdisciplinary education with collective health educators. It is an experience report on the workshop “Ver, rever e transver: Uma festa de desformatura!” (Look, look again and look beyond: A non-graduation party!). In Look, primary contacts enabled to assimilate the transformation of learning. In Look again, rationalities moved the discourses of intentions, possibilities, desires, hopes and motivations. Finally, in Look beyond, a reflection was made on the challenges of becoming interdisciplinary, with the understanding of the need to (re)think pedagogical praxis in the rhizomatic perspective, housing pluralities, possibilities and knowledge connections. Thus, it was possible to build interdisciplinary knowledge by means of transformative education as pedagogical premises that are necessary to collective health educators.

Teaching; Learning; Interdisciplinary communication; Public Health; Professional education

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